Amateur Radio Communication Systems & Networks as a ‘Bridge to Connect Everything’ (ARCSN-2020)


This course has been designed to familiarize the students, researchers and engineers working in the field of wireless communication engineering and computer communication to establish wireless computer communications with correspondents in local neighbourhoods, other cities, countries & continents- without commercial and governmental infrastructures. The audience will also learn how to take advantage of amateur radio satellites, how to exchange urgent emails without internet or telephone connections and also how to choose most proper hardware and software for the amateur radio communication. The course will benefit participants from academics, R&D institutions, professional engineers from utilities, and research scholars at masters and PhD programs


The course aims to address the following issues related to amateur radio communication, but not limited to them. The objective of the course is to share with the participants technology developed on:  Amateur Radio Communication basics.  Recent results in experiments with GPS technology in amateur radio mapping.  Implementation of Digital Mobile Radio in amateur radio world.  Wireless Network Security & Privacy  Testbed and prototype implementation of amateur wireless services.  Amateur radio as a technology and architecture model for rural communication.  Opportunities of amateur packet radio satellites  Other relevant topics.  Special Session on Technical Manuscript Preparation using Latex/ Lyx.


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